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It is impossible to eliminate spiders from any area for a long period of time. Spiders do not congregate in one spot, and because of the way the young are often dispersed, once pesticides wear off, new spiders will colonise the area. It is possible to eliminate some of their favourite haunts, by restricting their access to the home. Some ideas are: 

  • Fit weather strips to the bottom of doors to prevent ground crawling spiders from entering
  • Ensure that all flyscreens are properly fitted and free of tears and holes
  • Make sure that the area surrounding the home is free of clutter

Rest easy with a specialised control plan

With many years in the industry, Innovative Pest Control SA comes backed with the experience to ensure the job is handled correctly. We have handled many jobs of a similar nature in the past and understand what to look for so as to identify potential problem areas and offer an appropriate spider control method for your Adelaide premise.

Beware of spider bites…

Almost all spiders possess venom, and biting is a way of subduing prey, of defending themselves. Though many have fangs that are too small to pierce human skin, there are some that can and do inflict painful bites, sometimes with serious consequences. In the event of a spider bite, try to catch the spider responsible to keep it for identification purposes.

How to avoid bites

Wear shoes when walking outside at night.

Wear shoes and sturdy gloves when gardening.

Educating children to LOOK BUT NOT TOUCH.

What kind of spider is it?

- Redback

- Brown House

- White-tailed

- Huntsman

- Mouse

- Wolf

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