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This often unseen pest is increasingly causing major structural damage to buildings throughout Australia. With the home often being the major family asset and termite infestation being essentially uninsurable, homeowners are desperately seeking reliable protection against this common pest. This is why it’s important to utilise an effective termite treatment service and avoid the costs of repairing your Adelaide home or business.

White ant habits

Termites can be found throughout mainland Australia. They live in a central nest or colony, from which they forage over large areas in search of timber, their staple food. Once a source is found, working termites strip and partially digest the timber before returning to the nest to feed the colony. Colonies may contain over a million hungry termites, and the timber used to build homes provides a very attractive meal for them. Attacking in large numbers, termites can feed to the point of leaving only a thin timber veneer, and this can happen in a matter of months.

We come equipped with the most effective products on the market

Since the banning of older but effective chemicals in the 1980's as a result of environmental concerns, there has been a frenzied search for a termite treatment product (termiticide) that is available at an affordable cost, provides real, long-term control. Not only that but a product that offers a fast initial kill, with no smell and low toxicity to humans and pets.

Most termiticides are repellent based and rely on keeping termites away from treated structures. While such products are toxic to white ants, very few are actually killed before being repelled by the termite barrier. As a result, the pests remain alive and actively seek gaps in the barrier in order to gain access to the building. They do this day after day, year after year until they find a way through.

Our white ant treatment for Adelaide homes and businesses

Innovative Pest Control SA uses only termiticides that are non-repellent to termites. This means that they cannot detect the product and will not avoid the treated area. As a result, termites continue to forage randomly through the soil until they encounter the termiticide and pick up a lethal dose. The termiticide is applied as a continuous chemical to the soil zone around and under the home.

Termites come in contact with the termiticide at the edge of the treated zone as they tunnel through the soil toward the home. At this point, the termiticide is at its lowest concentration. Those termites that do not immediately continue tunnelling into the treated zone will survive long enough to transfer traces of termiticide to others in the colony through normal feeding and grooming. This is devastating to other termites not directly exposed to the termiticide treated zone and indeed may wipe out an entire colony.

Those termites which continue to tunnel into the treated soil will encounter a more lethal dose and die quickly. This means that the termiticide application works two ways: to kill white ants that attack timbers in your home while allowing other infected pests to return to the nest and infect the colony. Thus, the white ant treatment begins working immediately to eliminate existing infestations in your Adelaide building, and also provides long-term protection against future termite activity.

Want to find out more?

For more information on our termite inspections, or on all termiticide products used by Innovative Pest Control SA, please download a PDF version of the product information for either of the products below. Otherwise, to request an obligation free quote to see how much a treatment will cost for your Adelaide property, please call Neil on 1800 503 394.




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