Reliable Rat and Mice Control for Adelaide Properties

Rodents, in general, live in drains, under concrete, in garbage and refuse, kitchen, sub-floors, roof voids, wall cavities, behind cupboards and any other area where there is moisture and food. Both rats and mice can become a serious problem, which is why a specialised control method is essential to keep your Adelaide home or business safe.

Rodents leave their droppings and urine over every surface they pass, as well as leaving greasy smear marks along surfaces that they rub against. This poses a great health risk. Several centuries ago, rats were responsible for spreading the Bubonic Plague in Europe, causing the loss of 25 million lives.

Things to know about mice and rats 

Rodents are generally nocturnal, foraging for food at night and always using the same route to travel to and fro. Their diet includes both plant and animal matter, and water is essential for all except the mice who can often obtain enough moisture from foodstuffs.

Rodents have very poor vision, but an extremely well-developed sense of smell, which allows them to detect food, also identifying minute quantities of chemicals in that food. For this reason, they will avoid bait packs that have been handled by human hands. Their whiskers and guard hairs enable them to feel their way in through dark spaces. 

All rodents possess incisor teeth that continually grow. It is essential for them to gnaw at things in order to keep the length right for eating and also for fighting. Rats often cause electrical fires because they gnaw through conduit and electrical junction boxes, damaging the wiring and causing short-circuits.

The importance of choosing a specialised pest control service 

Mice and rats often become a serious problem when their nesting ground is disturbed, or their food source is removed. Homes near schools often suffer an infestation during the holidays, when rodents are forced to look for a replacement for the food found in bins and around the yard during the term. The onset of winter also encourages them to move indoors.

People who live near rivers or creeks are most often troubled by rats who make use of the local water supply while living in a nest somewhere on their premises.

Female rodents are capable of giving birth to 4 - 6 litters each year. Each litter contains between 5 and 15 young, each of which is capable of reproducing within three months. The resulting population of that one mating pair numbers between 400 and 700.

Keep your Adelaide property safe

It is essential to have a professional knowledge of rodents and their habits before you can hope to eradicate them. There are various options available for rat and mice control in Adelaide, including baits and both sticky and mechanical traps. A professional pest consultant can select the most effective method of eradication for each type of rodent. It is important to note that over time, pests become immune to chemicals, but a qualified pest consultant will have up-to-date information on any new pest control products developed to counteract this problem.

NOTE: Any baiting should be carried out in such a way as to keep the bait out of reach of both children and pets.

The first and most necessary part of prevention or rodent control is an inspection by a qualified pest consultant in Adelaide to determine the type and extent of infestation.