Common House Mouse (an introduced pest)

  • Body - 10cm in length, weighing 10 to15g. Covered with soft dense fur up to 7mm in length, brownish/grey in colour with a cream or white or pale grey underbelly.
  • Head - Bulging eyes in a small head, large round ears, one pair of chisel-shaped incisor teeth with a hard yellow enamel on the front surface.
  • Tail - Scaly tail measuring 7.5 to 20cm. This is about the same length as the body.
  • General - Nocturnal, but still seen during the day, Live in secluded parts of buildings, reed beds, cracks or shallow burrows in the ground. Makes its nest out of shredded materials.


Preventative Measures

  • All entry points should be blocked up to prevent re-infestation.
  • All food should be kept in sealed containers or rooms.
  • Garbage and other waste should be sealed away.
  • Water and pet food bowls should be put away at night to discourage infestation.