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Innovative Pest Control SA are a highly skilled Adelaide pest control company. Using the latest technologies in pest control and removal, Innovative Pest Control SA are one of the leading pest control companies in Adelaide. Adelaide's Innovative Pest Control SA has the expertise to rid your Adelaide property of pests including bees, termites, spiders, white ants, fleas, spiders, birds, pigeons and rodents - quickly and efficiently.

Why choose Adelaide's Innovative Pest Control SA?

  • Free quotation before we begin - no hidden surprises later!
  • No fuss, no mess, no disturbance during pest control 
  • Your property remains secure at all times duing pest control process.
  • Innovative Pest Control SA is an Adelaide based pest control company -specialising in bee and pigeon removal.
  • Family owned & operated Adelaide pest control company
  • Servicing Adelaide and a 200km radius around the city
  • Fully nationally licensed and insured company specialising in sensitive treatments to Adelaide residential and commercial properties

Who Are We? Innovative Pest Control SA are the Adelaide pest control company that provides commercial and domestic pest control and removal services throughout Adelaide and areas up to 200km out from Adelaide. Innovative Pest Control SA, based in Adelaide, are highly skilled in the treatment and control of termites, bees and wasps, millipedes, spiders, black ants, fleas, cockroaches rodents, pigeons and birds etc.  Innovative Pest Control SA have expertise in pigeon proofing buildings and pigeon control, providing Visual Termite Inspection Reports and Pre Purchase Inspections. All our reports are accompanied by photographs showing the problem areas, and comply with the Australian Standards. So if you require the removal of pests in the Adelaide area, including pigeons and birds call Neil.



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